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Our journey


Monno Art Press opened in Dhaka in a small warehouse, printing accounts ledgers and register books for local businesses in former East Pakistan.


With the birth of a nation came a boom in a new industry; Monno Jute Stafflers was established to support the jute processing industry; capitalising on the rapid growth of the jute sector in a newly formed Bangladesh


Monno Ceramic established, the first porcelain manufacturer in Bangladesh and the first exporter of porcelain and bone china tableware.


With international success came the need of closer customer support. This could be achieved by opening a sales branch in one of the most international cities in the world. Hence, Monno UK was opened in London to maintain the high level of service our customers deserved.


Monno Welfare Foundation established to support the local community. Primary schools opened for the local children. Charitable organisations set up to provide training, education and relief support. The Foundation played a crucial role in providing aid during the 1998 floods where over 70% of Bangladesh was flooded.


Diversification into the textiles industry by establishing Monno Fabrics. The founder’s foresight of Bangladesh becoming a garments powerhouse helped achieved this. The factory is opened in the founder’s hometown, Manikganj.


With garments sector growth showing no signs of slowing down, Monno expands into the industry with the vision of leading health and safety protocols in working conditions and facility design. Monno Attire is opened with one of the safest facilities in the country.


The philanthropic work of Monno Welfare Foundation reaches its greatest milestone with the openings of Monno Medical College and Hospital and Monno Nursing Institute; a hospital for the staff and local people of Manikganj. The Medical College and Nursing Institute are set up to support the hospital and meet the ever-present need for healthcare professionals in Bangladesh.